Richard Connor

Richard Connor Projects Complex of Barns Converted into one House A complex of old barns all converted into one house 1200 square metres of rake and repoint to 20-25mm depth, using a lime mix with flush finish.

Devon Wallcare Ltd

Devon Wallcare Ltd Projects Conversion of former Exminster Hospital to luxury homes This landmark restoration project which was visited by Prince Charles, saw the conversion of the former hospital converted into 112 luxury homes in its own grounds. Gun-point's South West office was employed to carry out extensive repairs including repointing, brick replacement, crack stitching[.....]

Edward Anthony Limited

Edward Anthony Limited Projects Newall Green, 'Wythenshawe Sustainable Estate', Manchester Due to weak mortar and structural defects, the property was 'structurally re-pointed' at a depth of 40mm using steel lengths embedded within the mortar at every fourth course. This has been independently proved as a suitable method to repair the structural integrity of the property[.....]

G. & A. Bryan Ltd

G. & A. Bryan Ltd Projects Heathfield House​ (Before) Rake out to twice the width of the joints (minimum 15mm) Repoint 1:1:6 mix. Finish:  Flush/brushed to match original joint. All the brickwork was pressure washed prior to repointing to clean down and remove algae etc. Heathfield House​ (After) Recently completed building in Sutton Coldfield