What is re-pointing?

This is the process of renewing the pointing (external parts) in the joints between brickwork and masonry. This pointing maintains a waterproof and weatherproof seal for the building.

How often does pointing need to be redone?

Good pointing should really last up to 50 years. If the previous pointing suffered from poor workmanship or was a rushed job, it can often fail much sooner and require re-pointing.

However recent climate issues and exposure to salt air near the coast can affect your current mortar.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Speak to your licensed operator at the survey who can explain the options that are available.

How long has the company been trading?

We are the UK’s longest established specialist mechanised re-pointing company with licensees, some of whom have been with us 28 years. No other company can offer this level of experience, expertise & knowledge in this field.

How can I tell if brickwork needs re-pointing?

On the surface, if mortar pointing between the bricks has started falling away, degrading or becoming discoloured, it is time to get it redone. Another more serious sign of an issue is water infiltration into the building, indicating that the mortar is no longer waterproofing the building. Water infiltration can often be spotted as darkening mortar and bricks on the exterior of the building.

For chimneys, fallen mortar pieces or water in the fireplace can indicate failing pointing.

Can you match point-work to the existing colouring and style?

For historical accuracy, and in many cases with regular re-pointing, we mix local sands with our mortar to achieve colour and texture matching. Where necessary we can use colourants and admixtures to achieve a perfect match too.

What will this cost?

It depends… This can be easy if the existing mortar is sufficiently eroded or soft. Or difficult if the mortar was too strong and cracks have appeared. Each licensee will be able to give a accurate quotation and site survey.

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